Secure Data Sharing Made Easy


Fulfilling the demands of the General Data Protection Regulation doesn’t have to be difficult. tuomi's easy-to-use filesharing service combines a user-friendly design with the highest data protection and security.

Secure Data Sharing Made Easy

Facebook, Google, Snapchat and many more …today, a lot of companies are seen as “data sinners.” It seems that these companies not only sell their customers’ data, they actually do everything they can to collect as much customer data as possible. So, it was big news when Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announced: “From what I’ve learned, I believe we need new regulations in four areas: harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability.”

Facebook calls for more data privacy. Globally. The often-criticized EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now supposed to be the role-model for other parts of the world. At first glance, this announcement appears to be a farewell to the Facebook we all know. However, a second look shows us that Facebook has simply sharpened its focus on a new target group that asks “What do I get in return for my data?” A study published by Adobe concludes “62 percent of Generation Z (younger than 23 years) would give their data to a company for a better customer experience.”

Not only a problem for social networks

The goal of the EU GDPR is to allow users to decide who they want to share their data with. Uncertainty about who has access to their data is not only a problem faced by the users of social networks. It is a question that touches every normal user’s online behaviour. 

A problem we all know: you want to share a 10 GB video file. The question is not whether you use a filesharing service or not, the question is which one do you use? But are you sure that the last time you used a filesharing service only the intended recipient received the data you sent? It is a question that does not just apply to private documents, but also to company files. Sending large files is a high-risk procedure that could lead to unwanted consequences. Almost nobody knows how (or even if) data is encrypted during the transmission and who might have access to it. Some of the most popular filesharing providers send an email with an unencrypted download link. And once you have uploaded your file it is saved on the provider’s servers – unencrypted. In some countries, such as the United States of America, authorities frequently use their legal rights to gain access to that data.

These concerns are well-reported, but they are left aside due to the supposed lack of appropriate alternatives. A user-friendly design is more important than security concerns.

What if there was a filesharing service that…

1.       always encripts the data it transmits
2.       gives you complete control over who can access your files for how long
3.       has implemented all aspects of the EU GDPR
4.       runs on servers located in the EU
5.       and is as easy-to-use as the alternatives you use right now?

tuomi it service

QuDoc is the tuomi filesharing service that fulfils all the requirements mentioned above. A long time before the GDPR was implemented, tuomi made data protection and security their highest priority. The filesharing service can be used for data upload, encrypted transmission, secure delivery of application documents and much more. Take control of your data, avoid unwanted consequences and offer your employees and partners a convenient way to share information. 

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