Mobile health

tuomi has been developing its own software since 2010, and since 2016 we have also been developing software specifically for the medical sector. Our expertise in security and IoT, and the quality assurance measures that are an integral part of that, is becoming ever more important as mobile and cloud-based solutions gain in importance. When dealing with sensitive medical data, the best solution must also meet the highest security standards. We always do, and of course our quality management system is certified according to ISO 13485:2016.

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"Security and privacy by design for medical implants with cloud access" - Johannes Roos at a symposium of the EU funded project CANVAS (click here for the original video with english and french subtitles).

Developing solutions with you

Working closely with medical professionals, tuomi is one of the first providers to develop solutions in the area of "Mobile Health".  In the field of individual health care, mobile apps have become part of many people's everyday lives. Smartphones, wearables and implants can also provide valuable support for doctors as they deal with problems of patient care in hospitals, at home and outdoors. Intelligent digital solutions can make that work easier and more effective.

The idea

Improving the effectiveness of medical treatments and improving patient care while reducing costs - those are our goals. Digitalisation enables us to establish secure connections between portable measuring devices or implants and computers in hospitals via the Internet (Internet of Medical Things, IoMT). When optimally implemented, the relevant patient data is constantly being collected, so that the attending physician has access to a high-quality, long-term data collection whenever they need it. The data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the doctor.

The realisaton

tuomi develops the software that is responsible for the data transmission. In doing so, we rely on our well-established infrastructure for software development. This is based on the principle "Privacy by Design", where all data is permanently encrypted.

If the doctor wants to start a data transfer, the patient's smartphone is notified via the cloud. The patient starts the data transfer by holding the smartphone to the CommsUnit which carries out encryped communication with the implant. The data transfer to the doctor works the same way, via the CommsUnit, the smartphone and the cloud.

The advantages

A patient no longer needs to take up the doctor's time with routine examinations. The necessary data can be collected automatically with the doctor's intervention. High-quality data collection enables the doctor to determine the optimal treatment method and, if necessary, medication. If a specialist is to be consulted, the data can be made available quickly and securely.

This means that most examinations can be dispensed with when visiting the doctor. Treatment is carried out based on the best data, with long-term medical monitoring enabling medical professionals to counteract potential deterioration at an early stage.

The cloud solution minimizes the risk of data loss. Permanent backups ensure that no data is lost even in the event of a hardware malfunction. Since only encrypted data records are stored and transferred, sensitive data is permanently protected against unauthorized access.

The advantages of tuomi

  • Highest safety standards throughout the entire process

  • User-friendly design

  • High level of expertise in transmission technologies

  • ISO 13485:2016
Tüv cert
tuomi certificate DIN EN ISO 13485:2016