tuomi nfc

NFC Specialist

With tuomi's NFC technology, anyone can store any kind of content. To celebrate Itsenäisyyspäivä, the Finish national independence day, 100 park benches in Espoo, Finland, were fitted with tuomi NFC chips, enabling people to tell their own personal stories celebrating Finish independence .

NFC, with its encrypted transmission technology, offers a wide range of possible applications for private and commercial users. Anonymity, data security and product protection go hand in hand with individual configuration.

We have used the various opportunities of NFC in multiple projects:

  • With the Bitburger Brewery Group
  • The NFC Finder with SinnUp
  • The Digital Fair Assistant with PAV

tuomis own patented NFC solution results in a unique synergy of software and hardware.

Not only has tuomi implemented many of the diverse possibilities of NFC technology, we also let you see how successful our NFC chips are. Every contact with a tuomi NFC-Chip  is counted online.

Content configuration with NFC

Think digital in your marketing strategy that is enabled by tuomis NFC technology. An individual user journey with perfectly matched contents results in long-term customer loyalty. tuomi realizes digital loyalty campaigns that lead to high engagement and sustainable project success. 

Additionally, cross-border mobility and travelling to countries without knowing the language has become commonplace. Obtaining information in one's own language enhances the value of a visit to a city or a national park. With tuomi's info points, existing information boards become multilingual by simply touching them with a smartphone or scanning a QR code.

With NFC chips, content management is easy and the content can be adapted online at any time. That means that even current notes and up to the minute warnings can easily be displayed on a large scale.

Labels with a whole new dimension: onetouchlabels

NFC chips from tuomi can trigger any kind of function. And we have used our expertise to make sure that all the possibilities offered by NFC technology is easily accessible to everyone. That is why we have developed the onetouchlabels  - the simplest solution for intuitive operation anywhere, any time. Examples? How abour your next private or company party: let your guests add songs to the queue, call up the menu or upload pictures of the evening directly into the cloud storage you have set up.

In Austria, onetouchlabels can be used to call up the arrival and departure times of trains. Even jewellery can be provided with a digital greeting thanks to the NFC chips.

Be multilingual thanks to NFC

Travelling has become so common place and we often end up in countries where we do not speak the language. Information boards are a first point of orientation for visitors from around the world. Welcome tuomi Infopoints! By simply touching the board with a smartphone or scanning a QR code, everyone can get the information in their own language.

A big advantage of this system, especially in places such as national parks: the contents of the board can be changed remotely. That means updates on travel information and warnings can be displayed at all relevant points within seconds.

Personalisation through NFC

The NFC Finder is a tag that you simply attach to your key ring. You store your e-mail address and then you can be contacted anonymously if your keys are lost. All the finder has to do is touch the NFC finder with his smartphone or scan the QR code and tell you where the keys were found.

We developed the digital lost and found system together with our partner Sinnup

Product protection with NFC

Things are easier with NFC. If, for example, a label is fitted with an NFC chip, the manufacturer can deposit an unalterable proof of authenticity on the NFC chip so that the customer knows they have purchased an original product. And the chip can be used to provide important information, such as instructions for use and handling.

Since the reading of an NFC chip can be displayed in real time, it is also an excellent way to track the delivery chain. This prevents re-imports. In the event of a recall, the manufacturer can place necessary information on those NFC chips that are attached to the affected devices, all from one central location.

Access management with NFC

With an NFC-enabled card reader you can easily manage employee authorizations. Doors can simply be opened with a mobile phone. And since authorisations are assigned centrally, if someone loses their device, access privaledges can be revoked immediately with a simple mouse click. The entire system can remain unchanged and you can still be sure that unauthorized access is effectively prohibited.

Individual functions with NFC

The NFC Business Card provides an individual and always up-to-date business card. The embedded NFC chip allows the contact information to be imported directly with one touch of the smartphone. The information on the chip is set via an individual password-protected link, so your data is always up to date. If your phone number changes, all your contacts remain informed.

Customer specific information through NFC

When talking to your customers, they often express individual wishes, such as getting a different colour for the car. Using an NFC chip, the salesperson can immediately show possible model variants, tell the customer the estimated delivery time and automatically update the order.


NFC is exactly what it says: Near Field Communication. This technology enables data to be transmitted wirelessly over a short distance. The information is actively retrieved, for example by touching the smartphone to the chip. An NFC chip does not need its own power supply. If an NFC-capable smartphone or tablet is nearby, the energy required for data transmission is transmitted wirelessly. With NFC, both online and offline solutions can be implemented.


Beacons are Bluetooth transmitters that are powered by built-in batteries or connected directly to a power source. The exact location of a smartphone or tablet can be determined by several beacons distributed around the room. In the best case, with an accuracy of a few centimetres. When a visitor enters a previously defined area of the room, additional content such as videos is automatically played on his or her digital terminal. This beacon solution has been implemented at the multimedia station in the Brokenhaus National Park Visitor Centre  for example.


A QR Code consists of black and white squares which encode information. If a smartphone camera is pointed at the code, the information is read. The encoded information can be a link to a website, for example, or can be used for authentication. At 1300 stops of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) the timetable is available digitally or via QR codes.


Most of the digital devices currently available on the market can communicate via GPS. This involves contacting satellites orbiting the earth. In this way the own position can be calculated.