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tuomi is a family business with a high level of expertise in four business areas: med-tech software development, smart mobile promo campaigns, IT services and context-driven information systems.

Our customers have been placing their trust in our customised solutions since 1995. In the 2000s, we were one of the first companies to focus on NFC technology. Our customers are now benefiting from our wealth of experience in this area.

And since 2021 we have been certified according to ISO 13485 and in line with the EU’s MDR as a developer of software, firmware and cloud solutions for the medical sector.


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As your digital business card, a professionally designed homepage has inestimable value. We would be happy to create an effective homepage for you that covers all your needs and wishes.

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IT & Cloud

tuomi is still working together with customers who have been with us since we started in 1995. That is because we always strive to provide new, innovative solutions that focus on our customers' specific needs.

Software für den medizinischen Einsatz

Mobile Health

Fast, safe and simple solutions can go a long way to improving patient care even further. tuomi develops software specifically for medical use that is efficient and fulfils the highest demands for data protection.

Der Digitale Guide: Die einfache Lösung für jede Ausstellung

Digitale Guide

Designing exhibitions so that they are interactive, responsive to the interests of individual visitors and inclusive for all members of society is becoming increasingly important. Discover the digital guide from tuomi, the best, fastest and easiest way to meet your exhibition goals.

Vorreiter bei NFC-Technik

NFC Apps

NFC, QR codes, beacons and much more: business cards, advertising and flyers are experiencing a renaissance thanks to tuomi's innovative digital solutions.

We develop holistic digital solutions
made-to-measure for your needs.