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NFC Consulting:
How to make your story a success story

It was way back in 2009 that tuomi started to become active in the field of Near Field Communication. In the years since then, NFC has grown to become a widely accepted technology that offers highly innovative applications. tuomi will work with you to develop intelligent applications that will enable you reach completely new target groups. And since today almost all modern smartphones support NFC, your potential market audience is almost limitless.

tuomi opens up your possibilities in other ways too. Our NFC links are based on our well-established cloud technology. That leaves us free to integrate NFC solutions online or via app.

Throughout Europe and around the world, tuomi has realised many successful projects, for example with Bayer Healthcare in Singapore, with the Maritime Museum Finland and the Austrian railway. Our team consists of well-trained specialists who are looking forward to putting their skills and flexible problem-solving approaches to work for your company.

Consulting NFC Technology

tuomi is an expert in the field of Context Driven Application and Information. This expertise was acknowledged at the German SME Summit 2015, when tuomi was honoured as one of the 100 most innovative German SME companies.

Our expertise has led us to work for leading global companies. And we look forward to working with you to design and implement NFC solutions that will boost your sales.

NFC Product Development

Turning your ideas into reality - often a difficult thing to accomplish, sometimes impossible. But that has never stopped tuomi. We use our expertise to make sure that everyone can easily benefit from NFC technology. Our technology, perfected over many years, opens up the possibilities so that your ideas do become reality.

NFC chips from tuomi can be integrated into objects without affecting the functionality of the chips. Take, for example, how things work for our partner Stuco works. 

NFC Software Development

Our innovative offers really stand out. That is because we have the know-how to quickly develop specialised software, customize it to meet your demands and provide optimal support for as long as it is in operation. With our wide range of modules, we can develop complex applications quickly and efficiently.

We can also offer you a cloud-based online solution, so that you are independent of device manufacturers. Of course, we also program apps that integrate NFC on Android, iOS or other operating systems.

NFC Solutions

NFC opens up completely new ways of interacting with your customer. Of course, all of your content is relevant, but sometimes some parts are more relevant than others. So why not give your customers exactly what they need? With NFC you can change the information you present to match the user, the time, the place and the object they are interacting with.

Creating an intelligent flow of information means you can always focus on the most important details. This makes the information you supply to your customers much more focused and ensures that they will actually receive the information you intend. This enables you to support decision-making, optimise your work processes and set yourself apart from your competitors.