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A website is often the first point of contact for your customers. It needs to be readable, convincing and meet the criteria of search engine optimisation (SEO) to make sure you are found, quickly and easily. In other words, the potential benefits of an effective, professionally designed website are immense.

Working together with you, we develop a concept for your website. Our specialists for graphics, animation, online texts and SEO optimisation then produce a draft of the website which is continually revised until you have the website you want and need. We have already worked for medium-sized craft businesses as well as self-employed people from the financial sector.

After the website has gone live, you can enter content and add new texts as you need them. This is child's play thanks to our simple content management system. Of course, we are still available as a contact partner and if you wish, we will be happy to take over the maintenance of your website.

Just ask us! Tuomi offers competent and cost-effective solutions for your website.

Start-ups: Naming, business cards and IT infrastructure

We have expertise in a wide range of professional IT and design services. You focus on your core business, we take care of your digital presence, corporate identity (CI) and IT infrastructure.

The name of your company should be unique, easy to understand and memorable. The business fields, international orientation and much more have an impact on what a “good name” is. You are responsible for the reputation of your company, but we are happy to support you in finding the right name t go along with it.

As an IT systems house, setting up an e-mail infrastructure, voice-over-IP telephone system and the necessary cloud services is our core business. You can rely on us to deliver that as well as letting us take care of the necessary installations, hostings, backups and networking.

Your homepage is your digital business card, but the physical business card is still an absolute business standard. Professional, innovative design can make all the difference. Let our design experts design your business card for you. And by integrating a QR code or NFC chip, your partner has direct digital access to your contact details or other information that you wish to supply.

Our design professionals can also develop the corporate design for your company, create appealing templates for business correspondence, company brochures and all other materials. Ask us about it!

Our services:

  • Creation of the website including texts and graphics
  • Setup of the website content management system
  • Professional photo shooting
  • SEO optimisation
  • Translation of the website
  • Technical set-up
  • Technical maintenance
  • Content maintenance
  • Familiarisation with the content management system for independent further maintenance
  • Creation of data protection notice
  • CSS animations
  • Video creation and editing


Website Maller Elenz

Painter Elenz

Since 1999, Andreas Elenz's business has been providing painting and varnishing services to private and commercial clients in the Trier and Luxembourg region. We gave his website a more contemporary design that puts a clearer emphasis on the the company's great work.

Website Colysis

Colysis GmbH

The newly founded agency focuses on innovative solutions, including dynamic web applications, direct-2-consumer infrastructure and exciting digital user journeys. The homepage impresses with animations, excellent mobile handling and the perfect interplay of graphics and text.

Website sovico

Sovico SARL-S

The consulting company Sovico is active in the asset management industry. We use graphics on their site to present the complex services in a simplified, easy-to understand way. The corporate design developed by tuomi covers not only the website but also all future company presentations.

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