tuomi guide

Digital guide

The tuomi Digital Guide is more than just a multimedia guide. Many of the multimedia guides currently in use do not interact with the exhibits, but distract from them. Not so the Digital Guide from tuomi. Find out more on our guide's own website.

Software and hardware from one source

tuomi has been developing its own software since 2006. We have put our extensive experience into our own system for the Digital Guide. What you get is smooth operation and a whole series of functions that make this digital guide really special.

By developing our own hardware, such as tablets and smartphones, we understand the specific requirements of different devices. What you see is a perfectly matched user interface for each individual device.

The basic idea

We see the Digital Guide as a supplement to the exhibition. Digital content should be used where it makes sense - and this differs from exhibition to exhibition. We bring in our expertise in the areas of NFC, Beacon, GPS as well as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in order to work with you to get the perfect solution for your exhibition.

The possibilities

Our expertise in digital exhibition design is based on the knowledge of the optimal interaction between software and hardware. The tuomi Digital Guide gives you all the options you need and lets you decide which solution you want to implement. Whether online or offline via app, with your own or our rental devices or the smartphones of your visitors: we provide the optimal interface for the respective device.

The advantages

You can revise the content yourself at any time using our simple content management system. Different languages, barrier-free offers or a special guide for children can be easily implemented. Rental equipment is not programmed for a single language, but can be used in all desired languages.

The Brocken visitor centre shows what is possible when you network the technology we use.

The advantages of tuomi

    • Cost-effective solutions thanks to our expertise in NFC

    • Solutions based on all common transmission forms

    • Simple and intuitive operation thanks to our native app

    • Easy content management

    • Stability and reliability