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What is tuomi?

tuomi was founded by Arja Tuomi Roos in Trier in 1995. And we are proud of the fact that today we are still serving customers from those early days. We have a very low fluctuation, not only among our employees but also among our customers. Our customers are internationally active. Many of them are based in Luxembourg. So, in order to provide optimal service, we founded a new company in 2005, which is based in Luxembourg.

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Software Development

tuomi software

After initially establishing itself as an IT service provider, tuomi started developing mobile and cloud applications in 2010. tuomi contributed its expertise to various projects, including the EU-funded project recodura. In addition, tuomi successfully implemented software projects for Samsung, the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) and Bayer Healthcare in Singapore. Today, tuomi's Digital Guide is used in the Brockenhaus National Park Visitor Centre and the Palatinate Museum in Bad Dürkheim, to name just two.

Medical Technology


Digital progress can accelerate, simplify and improve medical care. Here tuomi has valuable knowledge in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), data security and the development of mobile and cloud applications. That is why tuomi can meet the stringent quality assurance measures required in the field of software development set down by the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR).


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The success of tuomi is only possible because of the dedication of our qualified employees. Thanks to them more and more companies want to work with tuomi. In order ensure optimal supervision of all our projects, tuomi always has young, creative and innovative people to strengthen the team. tuomi is valued as an attractive employer with interesting projects and  a modern working environment. People are our main focus, which is why individual needs are met with through flexible solutions and working time models.

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