New possibilities: The digital business card in a ballpoint pen


Digital advertisement becomes more and more import. The combination of digital and physical advertisement measures can create a whole new level of customer interaction. Take your branding to the next level!

New possibilities: The digital business card in a ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pens and other small gifts are still very popular as an advertising tool and giveaway. Often, business cards and flyers are also handed out in order to put the focus more on your company. However, the effect of the latter is very limited. Some giveaways are used a surprisingly long time - and with tuomi's digital business card you combine your digital company image with what is used long and intensively: The giveaways.

Modern branding opportunities

For example, our partner SINNUP offers ballpoint pens as promotional material that are equipped with an NFC chip or QR code. This modern giveaway combines a physical ballpoint pen with tuomi's digital business card system.

The exciting integration of digital technology creates interest and you draw a lot of interest with appealing information behind it. Our system offers you all the possibilities for this. And you can track where and by whom the business card is accessed particularly often.

Business card in the cloud

The tuomi Business Card gives you all the options for your professional digital business card. Use your corporate identity (CI) to customise the cards and your corporate design for font colours, background colours, company address and logo. With your personal access to the cloud, you can enter your personal contact information such as telephone number, e-mail address, XING and LinkedIn profile and change it at any time. This also eliminates the tedious task of informing your business contacts of a new company address or trashing old stocks of advertising material with an outdated phone number.

As a special bonus, documents can also be uploaded that are available immediately when the business card is called - for example, company presentations or photos.

tuomis digital business card

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