The mobile showroom


With the smart NFC sample case, you present your products in a unique way. The mobile showroom in the secure travelling case is an exciting, close-up, multimedia experience.

The mobile showroom

Your showrooms are filled with highlights from your product portfolio and you are waiting for visitors who get excited about what they see.

But due to the Corona pandemic, no one is allowed to enter your showrooms at the moment. Online presentations of your products do not have nearly the same effect and lead to lower sales and increasing return shipments. One of the reasons is that pictures and videos do not have the same effect as looking at, feeling and visually comparing items.

At-home solution

With the tuomi solution you offer your customers a mobile showroom in a practical aluminium case. The mobile showroom combines the physical product with modern digital content. Your customers will borrow the case, become enthusiastic about your offers and return the case – and in the best case they will immediately place an order.

How does the NFC showroom work?

With NFC, data is transmitted by touch. This makes the operation of the showroom self-explanatory: place an object on the NFC mark and you start an exciting virtual journey on the screen which is integrated into the case lid. For example, additional information about the object, configuration options or even an example how a room could look like with matching furniture. The smart objects can be used one after the other in any order. This hands-on approach is further enhanced through a range of interesting digital content. The choice is yours.

Smart NFC objects

What you need to do: Use your own miniature objects or have them created by our partner Tactile Studios. The objects are made smart with an NFC chip.

The flexible, browser-based content management system (CMS) from tuomi supports a wide range of content: Audio, video, text, interactive content and much more. You can expand and change the content at any time. Statistics on user behaviour are also available.

The case is available in different sizes to provide enough space for your individual needs.

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