Development of a service platform for international trade


Pushpoint is developing a digital service platform for international trade. tuomi is one of its most important European partners.

Development of a service platform for international trade

Picture from left: Louisa (乔丽莎) - University of Luxembourg and collaborator at Pushpoint Technology, Johannes Roos Director at tuomi, Weizhi Zhang - deputy director at the Zheijiang University and founder of Pushpoint Technology, XiuHui Zhong- Lecturer Confucius Institute of the University of Trier.

Developing computer-aided technologies is the specialty of Pushpoint Technology (formerly Hangzhou Technology Development Co., Ltd.). In particular, the company has focused on developing a technology that meets the complex demands of global digital tracking. To do this, the company has combined the varying legal requirements set by the world’s cargo ports with cross-border Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Pushpoint provides traders and manufacturers with a system that provides convenient handling of both customs and logistics. A digital integrated service platform for international trade will be available under the name TEGGS.

In order to establish the system on the European market, Pushpoint has concluded a cooperation agreement with tuomi S.A. (Luxembourg) and tuomi GmbH (Germany). As a European service center, tuomi will help to meet legal requirements and enter into cooperative agreements with new partners. This makes tuomi an important part of the TEGGS project.

tuomi focuses on the security of the software, IT services and network technology. With locations in Germany and Luxembourg, tuomi is a specialist in cloud computing, big data and NFC. Since 2016, tuomi has become an expert in the development of mobile health applications and European Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The company’s quality management system will soon be certified according to ISO 13485.

Strong Partners

Johannes Roos, Managing Director of tuomi GmbH, and Weizhi Zhang, founder of Pushpoint Technology, first met at a Luxinnovation event. Here, Johannes Roos got an initial insight into Pushpoint and the TEGGS project. Roos and Zhang met again in Luxembourg on the 2nd February 2020 to discuss the cooperation in more detail. As a result of this meeting was that both sides pushed strongly to establish a cooperative agreement and the framework contract was signed within a month.

For Weizhi Zhang, the successful development of the project, which will simplify and improve international maritime trade between different economic areas, requires access to the European market. This requires strong partners. For Weizhi Zhang, there is no question that tuomi will become one of Pushpoint Technology's closest overseas partners. Especially tuomi’s expertise in cloud computing, big data and contactless data transmission makes the company a valuable partner.

Weizhi Zhang (right), founder of Pushpoint, introduces the TEGGS project to Malik Zeniti (left), Director of cluster for logistics Luxembourg.
Weizhi Zhang (right), founder of Pushpoint, introduces the TEGGS project to Malik Zeniti (left), Director of cluster for logistics Luxembourg.

Small businesses as big winners

Pushpoint’s TEGGS project combines various techniques. Artificial intelligence is used to analyse the various port regulations. Digital authentication methods and satellite based IoT applications make it an efficient global system. The all-round service ensures that the various services are implemented in accordance with the respective national and international regulations.

In October 2019, Pushpoint opened its first offices in the Guangzhou Free Trade Area. The test phase of the TEGGS project is being run from there. TEGGS has the potential to significantly reduce the costs of coordinating and handling cross-border merchandise management through the intelligent use of technology. This is a valuable service, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, which can now benefit from the efficient, fast and secure "digital Silk Road".

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