NFC transforms any ballpoint pen into a digital business card


NFC chips are getting smaller and the NFC antennas of modern smartphones are getting better. Creative and completely new forms of advertising and customer approach are possible. A very successful example is the uma NFC Pen.

NFC transforms any ballpoint pen into a digital business card

The ballpoint pen from uma is a modern advertising medium that combines traditional with digital marketing. Behind the pen as a "classic" promotional gift, other exciting information is hidden, which is displayed directly on the cell phone via scan. There are no limits to the imagination of the advertisers: Vouchers, product videos, sales documents, a digital business card and much more are easily possible. If you want to offer your customers a very special experience, you can let a digital promotion start whenever a NFC pen is scanned. In this way, your own brand becomes better known, valuable user data can be collected, and customer loyalty is increased enormously.

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Take off with the uma NFC Business Card

The uma BusinessCard offers you an easy and uncomplicated entry into the world of NFC marketing. The digital business card offers much more than its classic, printed counterpart. Of course, your contact details are stored, but in addition, you can also store presentations/sales documents or offer a direct way to make an appointment with just a tap of your finger. You can adapt these information yourself at any time, the update of the information is done in real-time. You can also schedule campaigns and measure the success, as every scan is tracked.

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