Corporate Design, Website and business cards for start-up


tuomi supported Sovico SARL-S in the founding process by finding a suitable company name, developing a corporate design, launching the website and providing digital business cards.

Corporate Design, Website and business cards for start-up

When founding a start-up, there is a lot of bureaucracy, organizational challenges and other preparatory work to be done so that the company can start business operations at the intended time. There is little time to think about the corporate design, the website and the setup of the IT infrastructure.

At Sovico SARL-S, we were happy to support founder Marco Kopp in these areas. As an IT system house, setting up an e-mail infrastructure, voice-over-IP telephone system and other services is our core business. Based on our experience with an easy-to-use content management systems, visually appealing frontend development and successful marketing measures, we created the homepage

Finding a company's name

In addition, we brainstormed with Marco to merge his ideas and the targeted business areas into a suitable company name. The made-up word Sovico is a combination of the words "Solutions", "Vision" and "Collaboration". These are three central terms that define the startup:

  • Solutions are efficiently developed and implemented together with the customer.
  • A vision for sustainable concepts that will be successful in the long term.
  • Cooperation that provides optimal support.

Building on this content-related basis, we developed a simple but powerful corporate design. The website we created puts Sovico's services and unique selling points in the foreground, both graphically and textually.

Corporate Design for website and digital business card

In addition to the website, the corporate design also plays an essential role in the business cards. The design of both the physical and the digital business card was created by us and imported into our "Cardolution" system. Thus, Sovico SARL-S has access to all digital functions of our business card in its own corporate design. The individual landing page not only presents the digital contact information, but also other content can be integrated for download or viewing, such as a company brochure.