NFC possibilites: Small chip, huge impact


tuomis digital link management system allows everyday objects to open doors in the digital world. tuomi offers a wide range of solutions and ideas, including business cards or sports updates.

NFC possibilites: Small chip, huge impact

Pens, key chains or coffee mugs: They are popular promotional gifts. But: it's nothing new, innovative or particularly exciting. This is where tuomi comes into play. With our platform, you can connect a built-in NFC chip with any content. The NFC chip is so small that it can be installed anywhere without any problems. And our partners make it stand out visually so that it gets noticed and tried out.

What you link with the NFC chip is up to you. But we have some ideas:

Sports data and live ticker

There are no limits to your creativity. Sports clubs or service providers in this field can turn their core topic into an advertising hit. Amateur clubs can distribute merchandise and provide the current line-up, live ticker and standings. This way, everyone at the sports field (and anyone else) is always well informed! By the way, this can also be done easily via QR codes, which can be shown on a central notice board, for example.

Digital business cards

Make your promotional gift personal. When you scan the NFC chip, your personal business card opens. Add your online profiles and invite people to network with just one click. With our partners, we can offer you innovative promotional materials of all kinds.

Digital promotions

Our system can do much more: we have already successfully implemented digital customer loyalty programs and run promotions to increase sales in the food and beverage sector. You can use our existing system as a starting point and offer your customers something new in the food & beverage sector. We have recorded over 350,000 scans of glasses with our technology. Find more information here on our website.