myDigibag - for showrooms and trade shows


myDigibag - for showrooms and trade shows

Smart exhibition bag

The myDigibag is a smart NFC gadget that allows your visitors to easily collect information digitally. The gadget becomes smart through the web application, for which the gadget acts as a trigger to start it. The web application appears in different guises, depending on whether the trigger is started with or without an app.

Without an app, the gadget is used anonymously by the visitor to collect desired information. With app, the application changes and allows the exhibitor to use the same gadget in a completely different way. Thus, the exhibitor can deposit selected documents for the visitor.


At the beginning, visitors receive their personal 'myDigibag' in the form of an NFC-gadget such as an NFC-card. They use this to collect materials of interest to them at selected info points or trade show booths. These can be flyers, brochures, business cards, but also website- or video-links. Visitors use the 'myDigibag' anonymous and it works without an app. They can retrieve their data at any time by touching the NFC gadget with their smartphone.

The showroom visit is also made more interesting by highlight tours and raffles. In the latter case registration is needed for the participation in raffles. By registering, the visitors receive a link to the browser view of their bag so that they can conveniently download the documents on their PC.


Exhibitors manage their content via an administrative website. The handling for depositing your documents and links is intuitive and clear.

myDigibag Exhibitor Backend

To pass on the documents to the visitor, the exhibitor needs the myDigibag app. If the exhibitor touches the visitor's NFC gadget, the app opens and shows the exhibitor the stored documents from which he can select which he would like to pass on to the visitor.


• All documents digitally sorted on the smartphone / computer
• Webapplication without app
• Visitor can remain anonymous
• Documents in any language


• Upgrading your own showroom
• Resource-saving, less printed documents
• Always up-to-date, documents can be updated and supplemented in real time

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