BSI and CSSF: Increase your IT security, tuomi supports you


The BSI is calling on companies to increase their IT security measures. The threat level for Germany is "increased in the abstract".

BSI and CSSF: Increase your IT security, tuomi supports you

The Federal Office for Information Security reports effects of the situation in Ukraine on IT security in Germany. The BSI has activated the National IT Crisis Response Center. . Initial incidents in this regard primarily involve phishing e-mails. This is expected to increase further.

CSSF: Increased vigilance required

In addition to the BSI, the Luxembourg financial supervisory authority CSSF is also calling for increased vigilance. The possible forms of cyberattacks include denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In this context, the CSSF is focusing in particular on offline backups of essential systems and data.

tuomi is happy to support you in protecting your IT systems accordingly. In addition to checking your systems and providing basic advice, our services include

  • Secure, encrypted data storage that you can access at any time,
  • Offline or online backups of your systems,

  • Managed Hosting,

  • Archiving and backup to external storage media

Feel free to contact your personal contact or our office to discuss further steps.