Vulnerabilites in Java framework: tuomi not affected


Multiple vulnerabilities in a Java framework are confirmed. Java applications are often used. tuomis applications are not affected by the vulnerabilites. We continue to closely monitor the devlopments.

Vulnerabilites in Java framework: tuomi not affected

In the last few days, first reports about a security vulnerability in a framework for Java applications surfaced. In the meantime, two security vulnerabilities have been confirmed. Java applications are widely used and can run in the browser as well as standalone.

The tuomi applications are not affected by this vulnerability.

Of course, we are following the current developments closely and will contact our customers as soon as possible should further measures be necessary.

Attack only possible with certain configurations

According to the current state of knowledge, the security vulnerabilities can only be used for an external attack in very specific configurations. Therefore, please contact your software providers to find out whether software you use is affected at all. We also recommend that your system administrators check the settings of your systems for the known entry points.

If you need assistance, we will be happy to help you. Contact us!