NFC and QR combined: Re-thinking digital marketing


tuomi has developed stickers that combine NFC and QR codes. The stickers are particularly interesting for the food and hospitality industry. tuomi offers a successful digital promotion for stickers on beer glasses.

NFC and QR combined: Re-thinking digital marketing

We have shown in various blog articles how versatile NFC chips are. They can be used for marketing purposes, in museums and be a helpful addition to everyday life: NFC chips are allrounders.

In the same way, QR codes are all-rounders. That's why we're combining the two techniques. Our first project: a sticker is put on a beer glass. The QR code is visible from the outside and can be scanned with a cellphone camera. Alternatively, the sticker can simply be touched with the smartphone: That's when the NFC chip on the back of the sticker come into play.

A successful solution from a single source

The possibilities are nearly endless. For example, scanning a sticker can start a digital marketing promotion. Particularly interesting for the restaurants and pubs: the stickers are self-adhesive and dishwasher-safe. This means that no additional glasses would need to be purchased.

tuomi Project Manager Johannes Roos emphasizes: ""tuomi is one of few suppliers that can offer a proven and successful concept for the food and beverage industry. The combination of the well-known QR code and the modern NFC chip makes our solution unique. With this, we offer an all-in-one solution for a digital promotion in the food service industry."

 Feel free to contact us to learn more about our digital promotions for the food and beverage industry. Our standard solution is based on multiple years of experience. We are also happy to develop new custom solutions for you to increase your sales.

The sticker combines NFC chip and QR code.
The sticker combines NFC chip and QR code.

New technology with positive impact on logistics

The new sticker has another advantage: With a special reading device, the stickers can be read at a distance of 1.5 meters. By comparison, a customary NFC chip only transmits data over a distance of a few centimeters.
In addition, the reader can read several stickers at once. This opens up many possibilities, for example in a restaurant that uses our promotion:

  • A restaurant owner puts stickers on 100 glasses. 50 are 0.5l glasses and the other ones 0.33l.
  • All 0.5l glasses are scanned at once and all 0.3l glasses afterwards. The glasses - including glass sizes - are now assigned to his company and his customers can use the promotion right away.
  • Not all glasses are used at the same time. How many are still in stock? To find out, the stock has to be scanned once and the owner knows how many glasses of which size are not yet in use.
  • Theft protection is also possible this way. If the reader is installed in the exit area, an automated message can be sent as soon as a glass is scanned.

Are you interested? Please contact us for further information.

(Why) Do QR codes make sense in 2021?

We are often asked why we don't use exclusively NFC. NFC-based solutions are much more convenient and attract much more interest with an appealing visual design. The answer is simple: the QR code is even more well-known than NFC. And in a few cases, NFC chips cannot be used, for example on metallic surfaces. In production, printing a QR code obviously costs less than using an NFC chip. That's why we use both technologies and combine them if it makes sense. In the end, what matters anyway is what happens after the scan: And we have developed a great product!