Tuomi Christmas tombola: December 24th


An Advent present is waiting behind every door on our Christmas card! Every day one participant wins a present. To participate, simply scan the QR code on our Christmas card every day.

Tuomi Christmas tombola: December 24th

From December 01 we will keep you informed about the presents the Christmas elf has packed for the lucky winners. The daily prize will be sent directly to the winner automatically.

We would be delighted about an unboxing photo of the lucky winners, which we would like to use on our blog with permission.

Tombola Start: Familienfoto

Launching the tombola: an Advent family portrait

We want to thank the Kovacevic family for the beautiful family photo they have uploaded! We hope the Advent dinner was tasty. 😋

Gewinn: 1. Dezember

December 01

As tombola kickoff, these chocolate truffles with a delicate melt and a gentle orange flavor await their winner.

Gewinn: 2. Dezember

December 02

On the second day of the raffle, there is a gentle, aromatic spice oil: it is not only suitable for grilling and marinating meat but can also be used wonderfully in the pan and on the roasting foil.

Gewinn: 3. Dezember

December 03

Delicious 'Winter Apple'-tea awaits you on December 3rd.

Gewinn: 3. Dezember

December 04

For December 4. we have almond Christmas chocolate to revitalize against the gray winter days.

Gewinn: 3. Dezember

December 05

Spice mix "Café de Paris" for creating dips: ideal to complement white meat or crudités.

Gewinn: 6. Dezember

December 06

A St. Nick's Day-Special: a L&R Kox  - Cuvée d'apéritif

Gewinn: 7. Dezember

December 07

Excellent for preparing fruity salad dressings and fish: Agora - virgin olive oil. Grown and made in Greece. Olive variety: Koroneiki.

Gewinn: 8. Dezember

December 08

Today these chocolate truffles with a delicate melt and a hint of salt await you.

Gewinn: 9. Dezember

December 09

Raspberry balsamic vinegar - a fruity vinegar that invites you to any kind of culinary experiment.

Scan and unpack 😊

We thank the winner for the delightful "unboxing" photo and wish you a lot of culinary pleasure with the balsamic vinegar.

Winner Dec 9

Gewinn: 10. Dezember

December 10

Today a delicious "cinnamon apple" tea awaits you to survive gray winter days.

Moore Audit S.A. has struck directly two times! 😃The delicious "cinnamon apple" tea and the chocolate truffles from December 8th have safely reached their winners in Luxembourg.

Thanks for the nice unboxing photo!

Gewinner 10. Dezember

Gewinn: 11. Dezember

December 11

Some like it hot: we got a Luxembourgish mustard specialty for you today.

Gewinn: 12. Dezember

December 12

A "little treat" for December 12: a delicate Italian pastry "Borsari Mini Panettone"

Gewinn: 13. Dezember

December 13

Prepare for a hidden excursion to the lavender fields of Spain and France: Enjoy a unique, multi-faceted aroma captured in this glass of first-class honey.

Gewinn: 14. Dezember

December 14

Single Malt Whisky-Balls  - filled with liquid and coated with dark chocolate. Perfect to accompany a cup of coffee or a cozy evening with friends.

Gewinn: 15. Dezember

December 15

Today awaits you a fruity pomegranate balsamic vinegar  - suitable for hearty leaf salads with various nut oils.

Gewinn: 16. Dezember

December 16

A statement against single-use plastic  - a reusable to-go bottle from Dopper. With an extra nice feature: the top of the bottle can even be turned into a cup!

This cool bottle went to our partner Colysis!

Thank you for this very atmospheric photo! 🤩

Winner Dec 16th

Gewinn: 17. Dezember

December 17

Revitalize against gray winter days with this Christmas chocolate.

Gewinn: 18. Dezember

December 18

Today we have a golden brown shimmering honey balsamic vinegar that gives marinades and salad dressings a harmonious note of honey.

Gewinn: 19. Dezember

December 19

A fruity and tangy mix of freshly harvested raspberries and strawberries rounded off with a hint of vanilla for 'hot & intimate' evenings.

Gewinn: 20. Dezember

December 20

With the intense taste of tomatoes, this Italian spice mixture is a real treat on crispy white bread, as a cream cheese preparation or pasta sauce.

Gewinn: 21. Dezember

December 21

Delicious to enjoy chilled: Chocolate truffles with a delicate melt and a subtle note of salt.

Normally they are camera shy, but today a Christmas elf was actually spotted handing over presents in the neighbourhood... Congratulations to Mr. Alexander Mock from Galabau Mock S.àr.l. on his win!

Winner Dec 21st

Gewinn: 22. Dezember

December 22

This fruity and spicy delicacy with aromatic mango balm brings exoticism to your kitchen!

The elves are happy the aromatic mango balm arrived safely at TÜV Süd and also are grateful for the photo provided by the lucky winner.

Winner Dec 22st

Gewinn: 23. Dezember

December 23

Also called royal herb, basil in combination with extra virgin olive oil develops its subtle and elegant flavor. Perfect for marinating vegetables and refining pasta.

Gewinn: 24. Dezember

December 24

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a great start in the new year with this "Cuvée fleurs blanches" sparkling wine!

The tuomi Christmas tombola is over. We hope you enjoyed it and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!